Frequently Asked Questions


Where can we stay?

Click here for information on campgrounds in Vulcan and within Vulcan County

We will look into potential overflow camping within the town and will make that information available when a decision is made.

Click here for hotels/motels in Vulcan

Where can we eat?

There will be a concession running all weekend at the Virginia Mitchell Memorial Park.  As well, there is a pancake breakfast Saturday morning running 7:00am-10:00am.

Spock Days is also introducing a new event to the lineup called 'Taste of Vulcan' which will take place downtown Vulcan (10:00am-3:00pm) and will include tastings of various local food locations.  Check the 'Taste of Vulcan' page for more information

Click here and here for information on some of the restaurants in Vulcan

How can I help or volunteer?

We are always looking for extra help on the weekend and any help is very much appreciated.  If you would like to volunteer, a form is available under the 'Volunteer' page on this website, or please email us at

What about the celebrity guests, Q&A, meet & greet, Star Trek vendors, etc?

You're thinking of Vul-Con!  It was once a part of Spock Days for a couple years, but has since branched into a separate event in the summer.  For more information on Vul-Con, click here.